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America’s first slave owner was a black man.

first_slaveAccording to colonial records, the first slave owner in the United States was a black man.

Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured servants. All masters were required to free their servants after their time was up. Seven years was the limit that an indentured servant could be held. Upon their release they were granted 50 acres of land. This included any Negro purchased from slave traders. Negros were also granted 50 acres upon their release.

Anthony Johnson was a Negro from modern-day Angola. He was brought to the US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619. In 1622 he was almost killed when Powhatan Indians attacked the farm. 52 out of 57 people on the farm perished in the attack. He married a female black servant while working on the farm.

When Anthony was released he was legally recognized as a “free Negro” and ran a successful farm. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black indentured servant. Instead Anthony told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker.

Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654. In 1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold John Casor indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacks to own slave of their own race. Thus Casor became the first permanent slave and Johnson the first slave owner.

Whites still could not legally hold a black servant as an indefinite slave until 1670. In that year, the colonial assembly passed legislation permitting free whites, blacks, and Indians the right to own blacks as slaves.

By 1699, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. This was the first effort to gently repatriate free blacks back to Africa. The modern nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia both originated as colonies of repatriated former black slaves.

However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States.

By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.

John Casor
Anthony Johnson

  • Lynn Dehnner

    Expect the liberal press to attempt to discredit this story in every way possible.

    Copy the Wiki pages. They may be changed to alter the reality of this important fact.

    • William Dunlap

      It doesn’t matter that Anthony Johnson and 3000 blacks owned slaves… You can’t use this fact to turn around the fact that the WORLD, and mostly WHITE people having the power, influence and resources were the major players in the slave trade! To now blame slavery on blacks is IDIOCY!!! Adam sinned, so I guess he’s the #1 reason Jesus Christ was sent to die for us… EDUCATION and COMMON SENSE are not so common…

      • Travis

        I don’t believe your religious metaphor washes in this conversation.
        It’s the same system that has existed for ever supply and demand.
        The colonies needed labor the world provided labor. It’s happening right now in Arab countries the lower sects are serving the ones in power.
        White people seem to control everything because they explored the world rather than scratch around the same old dirt.
        History is full of cases where whites came, conquered, and built where there was nothing before.
        Look into the history of Russia they have had some crazy things happen there, that is an old country America is just a baby in comparison.
        Though there is no better place in the world to start from nothing and make something of yourself than America.
        The race card is getting old and stale, too many people have risen up from what ever poor situation they are in to become prosperous citizens for
        anyone to now say it can’t be done. Only things keeping you down is your own desire.

        • stan schmunk

          Ooops!! The colonies needed SLAVE labor because there were never enough whites competent or willing enough to do that kind of work (and still aren’t). Up until the 1960s the U.S. wasn’t a great place to make something for yourself if you were a minority. Now, yes, but only for the last 40 years or so.

      • aniee

        How do you explain that people like Herod had Black slaves or all those other dudes that ruled Rome? I guess they were all rich powerful and White? Not so sure about the being White? Slave trade goes back centuries, Blacks sold Blacks. It was long before our time. What is your point? I had a long time ago relative that was a cattle rustler….so big deal, I’m not mad. I mean i get it, we are talking about owning another human. Not cool. Hey, whatcha gonna do? Be pissed for all of your life? Why not work for a cause like making sure we don’t let little girls get snatched away and taken to be sold for the sex trade. That’s pretty much like slavery, right? I mean, do something to chanel your energies in today’s society instead of living in the past.

  • Global Minority

    Keep up the good work and this should be mandatory education in the school system, public, private and homeschool.

    • Guinnessmonkey

      Well, except that it isn’t even partly true.

  • Ben N Indiana


  • Flu-Bird

    Well, well, what a big surprise thatll realy get the NAACP as well as JESSIE JACKSON and AL SHARPTONS noses in the wringer as well as all these revionists history books

    • tracy

      The inequity of cultural benefits of our society between blacks and whites Exists Now. No history of the past is necessary to know that/
      Oppression against blacks exist Now, and is a terrible thing. We citizens should be ashamed of it in the Now, and need no history books.

      • Native Texan

        Tracy, the difference in results has very little to do with racism. There are a vast number of things that affect the results that each of us experience and skin color is a minor one. Humans of every race experience success in America and demonstrate that this is the most level playing field available.

      • Gerald Allen

        Have you ever thought that people don’t want them around because of how they act? I grew up in Calif. and we had little race problems in San Diego. 5 years ago I moved to Oklahoma City, and here I see why people don’t like or trust black people. It is the way they act. Yelling when they don’t get their way.
        There was a girl in line at the supermarket. She had a full cart and was yelling at the cashier calling her a racist because she would not check her out. The problem…she was in a 15 items or less line and the checker tried to explain very nicely that it was against company rules to take more than 15 items there. Not a racist problem here, just an entitlement problem.


        The president is black. Seriously?

  • Rhonda

    I knew a black woman who was descended from free black landowners who owned slaves–there were many in Louisianna apparently.
    She said to me…”Don’t let them fool you. All blacks don’t come from slaves and many blacks owned slaves!”

    • PG King

      Don’t forget Georgia and Alabama. These things are well documented before and after the so-called civil war. I learned from this website that whites (Irish) were the first slaves. My question would be: Why would whites try to ignore their own history?

      • Metalmoto

        I don’t think us whites are ignoring our history of our own enslavement. It’s really more a matter of we realize that the past is the past. It’s done and over with. We’ve moved on, looked forward instead of back. We’ve lost that chip on our shoulders a LONG time ago and don’t cop an attitude of “we’re owed” something. So our attitude has allowed us to flourish and not play the poor victim and we act accordingly. Blacks say how they are discriminated against. They don’t know what discrimination is today. My Irish ancestors could tell you what true discrimination is. Blacks today just walk around with a chip on their shoulder and cry discrimination because people look at them funny for acting like morons. Not all blacks, but far too many.

        • PG King

          I appreciate your comment.

        • 2ruTH shall set u

          Maybe that happens bc… Certain Irish people make comments like this pretending they are over something yet are clearly instigating responses like how I have just made. But, it will be ok bc you apparently have no chip on your shoulder bc you have made it very clear to point that out. You may wish to believe you have convinced someone besides yourself, but try to convince yourself that your entire msg was not of a prejudice.

          • Metalmoto

            2ruTH…all I can say is that your response is absolutely typical. That’s okay though because most intelligent, self sufficient people expect nothing more from the “woe is me” victimized mentality and entitlement seeking opportunist community that you belong to. As far as having a chip on my shoulder, not at all. It’s more like we have dung on the bottom of our shoe that needs to be wiped clean. And that dung is people like yourself that would love nothing more than to have someone else put money in your pocket under the guise of reparations from something that your generation knows nothing about. Instead of taking responsibility for yourself, your own actions and your own lack of individuality. You are cheapening your own self sufficiency for the sake of a collective that feels they are owed something. Well junior, nobody owes you anything. I really don’t know of this prejudice you speak of from my statement. But you apparently are very intimate with prejudice. I called no one a name. I didn’t make anyone seem less important because of their race, color or creed. I simply made an observation that is widely seen by the majority based on others actions and their own statements. I didn’t generalize any race as you did about the Irish in your own comment. Look in the mirror son. You may be black, white, yellow or red as far as I know. But your attitude that is not based in any fact gave away your own bigotry. All I can say is this. If you want something, go out and put in the work to get it. If you aren’t where you want to be in life, get there. But don’t blame anyone else for you not being where you want to be. That is a cowards way out.

          • Carl McGee

            Nobody cares what happened to Irish people?…
            You got over it and moved on?…
            So I guess all that IRA fuss was just all made up by the liberal media…
            Try looking up EUGENICS and the plan to eradicate the black race- the descendants of African slaves…

          • Jay7027

            You obviously have no idea what the whole, as you put it, ‘IRA fuss’ is about. So save us all an example of how stupid you are on the subject and don’t try to use it in conversation. As for Eugenics, you’re right. But who votes in the Dems, the perpetrators of the mindset you complained about, the allies of Planned Parenthood which was started by the racist Margret Sanger for the sole purpose to, as you said, ‘eradicate the Black race’? I’ll answer for you, the Black community does. They keep electing the architects of their own destruction. And why? Well cus they get free sh*t. They are getting paid off based on their entitlement mentality to put into office the VERY PEOPLE who want to kill off their race. The moronic cycle is so staggeringly stupid it reeks of insanity. And WHILE they hold on to the horrid memory of slavery they seem to LOVE to forget that it was DEMS who enslaved them and REPUBS who freed them.

          • William Dunlap

            You’re confusing the party’s identities from hundreds of years ago… I lean conservative and am black, however, the parties have morphed into different entities now… So to simply state the fact that Republicans freed slaves, which is true, doesn’t necessarily mean that the Republican Party NOW would support those very same “institutionalized” descendents of the very slaves they helped free… EDUCATION and COMMON SENSE…

          • Jay7027

            Yeah you need both education AND common sense. Read the statement LBJ made about the civil rights movement. Then you’ll see what pawns the black community is being used as by the Dem party. That was 40 years ago NOT hundreds.

          • William Dunlap

            I agree with you!!! No doubt! The liberals are using blacks and illegals for pilitocal purposes! I’M CONSERVATIVE!!!! Whether 100s of years ago or as recently as the 60s (surely you don;t think that blacks would respect the Republican Party during the 60s when their heroes were JFK, RFK and MLK), you have to understand that their “institutionalism” will always trump common sense and logic… The only way Black people will wake up will be by myself and other Conservatives educating them on the liberal’s need to keep them thinking they’re “ENTITLED”… My best friend is from Chicago and he’s attending the Republican City Council meetings to get educated by it’s leadership… He too was a registered Liberal that is now a Conservative… That’s what education will do for you…

          • Jay7027

            well good luck to you, that’s a really steep up hill climb you have there. Changing people’s minds is not an easy thing to do. I hope that for the future of our country and the Black community you are successful in showing the way from oppression. I agree that rooting in a party title is a dangerous way to think. Like Reagan said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party they left me”. MANY old school dems refuse to see how far the party has pulled away from honoring the Constitution. America needs a strong (at least) two party system in order for we the people to maintain the power. But we NEED those parties to ALL be devoted to upholding the Constitution.

          • Michelle Yeack Brantley Johnso

            MAlcom X had it right as well. He was a work in progress . If you get the time get the youtube interviews with Malcom X and watch in chronological order. It is of no co incidence that JFK MLK and Malcolm X were murdered. And it would be easy to pin the murder of Malcom X on Islam, due to Malcom X being an Apostate. :)

          • stan schmunk

            The ones that freed the slaves were the 190,000+ USCTs.

          • Michelle Yeack Brantley Johnso

            The democratic party is a mess and they perpetuate lies.

          • B. Smoove Thompson

            Lincoln didn’t free the slaves. This article is fabricated propaganda Anthony Johnson was a slave when he arrived here read his Wikipedia story…here’s part of it btw indentured servitude is a form of slavery don’t be naive!!!!

            He arrived in Virginia in 1621 aboard the James. The Virginia Muster (census) of 1624 lists his name as “Antonio not given,” recorded as “a Negro” in the “notes” column.[2] There is some dispute among historians as to whether this was the Antonio later known as Anthony Johnson, as the census lists several “Antonios.” This one is considered the most likely.[3]

            Johnson was sold to a white planter named Bennet as an indentured servant to work on his Virginia tobacco farm. Servants typically worked under an indenture contract for four to seven years to pay off their passage, room, board, lodging and freedom dues. In the early colonial years, most Africans in the Thirteen Colonies were held under such contracts of indentured servitude. With the exception of those indentured for life, they were released after a contracted period with many of the indentured receiving land and equipment after their contracts expired or were bought out.[4].

          • William Dunlap

            Thanks! Great research B! I knew there was more to the story!

          • Travis

            Why the props he didn’t tell us anything that wasn’t in the article.
            If he could expound on why they would rather be slaves than go back to Africa that may garner so appreciation.

          • Jerry Dorsey

            He was a slave ALREADY so how could he be the first slave owner THATS the POINT AND they didn’t go back Maybe because you’de just be recaptured illegally and reenslaved all over again don’t be naive it happened to alot of so called FREE SLAVES learn some REAL HISTORY

          • Michelle Yeack Brantley Johnso

            An indentured servant was not a slave. They were paying back for their PASSAGE to come on their OWN FREE WILL! And Anthony got what he wanted. Then he screwed the Black Race! Period. Dont try and make it what it wasn’t. That is how history gets twisted and lies become truth. Anthony Johnson sold out with 3000 other Free Black families to follow.

          • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

            Smh. Jerry. do you even have a clue what you are talking about.
            Anthony Johnson was the first slave owner to own a slave as property as decieded by the courts. Once he was freed from his indentured time, he became a slaver. Simple. There were many freemen blacks that owned slaves.

          • ANSLQ32

            Jerry, how did you read it wrong. Indentured servant is a contract. When the time is up, you are no longer indentured. Apparently you were paid at the end with land. Contrast that with indentured for life, ruled by a third party judge….now you have slavery. Real history still requires logic.

          • jimsjeep

            Thanks for validating the story after just calling it propaganda ..duh..Which one of the “several” did you say? Oh..the one you think invalidates the historic record given by several as researched truth….Where do we get all of these great historians anyway

          • Tyler Mitchell

            Umm Anthony Johnson owned over 1,000 black slaves…and at one time he was the only slave breeder in Virginia.Please get out a book and read it and don’t try and form your thoughts off wikipedia…gezz is that what the world is coming to?

          • Nathan Lee

            ROFL. Your source of info is Wikipedia? Yeah real historians beg to differ with Wikipedia.

          • ANSLQ32

            Indentured for life? I have no doubt it happened, but what that says is a person VOLUNTEERED, they chose, to sell themselves for life. I see nothing in your research to refute the court cases.

          • mindurownbusiness

            Wikipedia is a horrible site, you cannot edit in any truth there if a serious topic they will just delete right away, stay way from that site if you want truth!

            Black, white, yellow or red I don´t care we all just humans and we all the same with equal value but the super filthy rich elites who run this world and push the demon-o-cracy are the liars that want us to fight each other. Let´s not, let´s educate each other and remove them once and for all so rest of us can live in peace and harmony with each other.

            Please by all means do history that´s great but do it from right sources, for example go grab old books cause they cannot be altered the same way as the internet and thus will set you free with real information.

            Not attacking you or disputing all your info, just adding to help others get valuable genuine information.

          • Ken

            WRONG! Anthony Johnson was an indentured servant, just like whites/indians/blacks, for a limited numbers of years. Once Anthony Johnson’s servitude was over he become free just like other whites/indians/blacks.

            Slavery for LIFE is what Anthony Johnson sued for and created here in America. Blacks in Africa to this day still own slaves and even make soup out of Albino Blacks in Africa. The fact of life today is that the more blacks a city has the more crime it has, while the less blacks a city the less crime it has.

          • Chukky

            Ken, the fact is , the more poor you have within a town or city, be it black or white thats going to be a high crime area, All down through the age of first borne Man, he has transformed to survival, its the nature of man as well as animals, its not rocket science , give a man decent job to provide for his self and family and 90% he won;t be out in the street looking to rob and steel from his neighbor,I also like to ask this of you so called good Christian white people, HOW MANY BLACKS WORK AT THE PLACE WHERE YOU WORK… I REST MY CASE.

          • Kevin Shepard

            Racist Margret Sanger and Susan G. Komen in 1982 by Nancy Brinker two years after her sister died of breast cancer and originally called the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This name was later changed to Susan G. Komen for the cure after the success of nationwide “Race for the cure”.

          • Offgrid Cabin

            IRA (Irish Republican Army) was established to fight for Irish independence from British rule starting in 1913 and being formerly established as the IRA in 1919. It had NOTHING to do with America or racism. Carl McGee, please study history. Your name suggests that you are decended from Irish forefathers. Knowing Irish history would help you not make this mistake again.

          • Nick Ford

            The IRA fuss was a division between the Protestants and Catholics, as well as a division between People who wanted to be independent of Britton and those who were happy to be one of the British Isles, What does that have to do with Irish slavery in colonial America? The only reason there were black slaves is because they ran out of Irish and the poor to sell. The only thing the Irish had a upper hand over the blacks was they could loose an accent and blend in, But then the first slave holder was a black man so who is responsible for the slavery in this country

          • William Dunlap

            You’re uneducated…

          • Freddy Privett


          • Chukky

            They, , will never understand, you must forgive them because they are blinded by over 400 years of bigotry and demonod hate, its their way copping with within their self;s all the evil that their ancestors have passed down through their bloodlines, it shows how misinform they can be when you convey a few moments in your life about being a black man in America and all you get back is talk about being Irish, forgive me , but I had to laugh , its like I was bitten by a lion but don;t worry about me, cause you was bitten by a house cat.

          • Metalmoto

            Thank you “Chukky” for further proving my point. Keep responding and showing your racism.

          • Carl McGee

            Well said…

          • jimsjeep

            Go looking for it and you will find it…You apparently see prejudice under every rock….Too bad for you

        • Carl McGee

          *Looking at you for acting like a moron…

        • grant boye

          you really have no idea what you are saying and i won’t fault you for your ignorance. you really don’t know how privilege your lilly white ass is. i can recall when i was 20 an officer pulled me over for no apparent reason and asked me if i had any drugs in vehicle and how a young man as myself could afford such a nice car. i told him to look at the air force base sticker on my front windshield; thats how i pay for my car and i didn’t have time for drugs; to busy defending my country. 20 years later pulled over, on my way to surgery, only to have my scrotum grabbed by texas state trooper, told me not to move he could take that as me reaching for his weapon; . no man should have to experience that. I don’t feel like I’m owed anything but the right to live as a man, veteran and a productive citizen of the country i signed my life in blood on a dotted line for. you can keep your “angry white-man on viagra” talking points. save them for your klan rally

          • Michelle Yeack Brantley Johnso

            First of all Thank you so very much for your service. You have my respect. You are angry and have a right to be angry. BUT, you have to deal with the agency. These cops suck !!! I was a military Brat then a Military Wife. We did not see color. When we moved to Florida when my father retired I was slapped in the face with Racism on both sides. I was so used to Marine MPS and fit Military LEs . They performed with respect and firm finesse,The civilian cops I see today are whack a doodles and out of shape. If they are in shape they are looking like they are on steroids. . . So stop being so nasty with people who tell it like they see it. I saw chips on the shoulders too. I was in culture shook. yes …WHITE people are seeing this abuse of power. And what has happened to our country as a whole with Incarceration rates. The young Black male has taken the brunt of it. Families have fallen away… :( .MAlcom X warned of this! It is painful to have been sold out as a race. Just think, it started out with a Black man, Anthony Johnson. Then it fell onto African Tribes to sell other tribes out to slave buyer. Sure KKK was evil an murderous. They killed Blacks an Whites that disagreed. and the Natives The KKK was handled. It is in the underground . But now we have New Black Panthers. Muslim converts, Most likely from Prisons. Doing what KKK did. I wouldn’t blame you and call you a NBP. Though, :) You are angry enough. It will do you no good to rant off like an verbally attack as you did. Be happy you may live to see the day that we as Americans Black ,White, Asian, Hispanic, Indian pull together and work to change this disgraceful behavior you have had to endure. Tomorrow is another dy an it will be better future for our children:) Because of how we treat each other from today on out.

          • Equeslover

            May I share your thoughts…they are pretty right on…

          • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

            I served as well. Navy. 6 yrs. Medical discharge. Check more your surroundings vs skin color. I know plenty of white people that have had that happen.
            also, your reference to someone’s lily white ass shows that your are a bigot at the end of the day.

          • skinsBlackequalNotRacistyeahri

            Yeah? Well 72 people think you don’t know what your saying.
            You’re a racist, and the color of your skin won’t excuse you.

          • Trudi

            I was asked by a few police officers in a small town how I could afford to own such a nice car too, and I am a white female. I accidentally almost hit the sheriff of the town head on as I was traveling on a -way highway and could not see in the pitch black that night. I could not see at all, I mean at all! I was really lost and just wanted to tune around & go back to the highway. So..don’t use that black thing here. They asked me if I was drunk, I walked their straight line several times. They asked me if I was smoking anything? They poured out all of the water bottles I had in the back seat too, all water. I was just plain old lost and could not see! So, as you can see, I made more money than they did as a white female. That was in 1988. I did hire a lawyer though. I had to make a donation of $1,000.00 to their police fund and never travel near their town again, which I did not.

          • Greg Hensley

            It’s Not just Blacks that go through that. I am White and go through that myself.

          • Jane

            So blacks should be thanking the irish people who lost half their population by being forced to fight in civil war to end slavery!! Where are irish people’s affirmative action programs, we do not have any!! It was only the english who were the bad whites.

        • William Dunlap

          For what reason would said chip even exist on your shoulder?

        • B. Smoove Thompson

          You guys are funny…first things first go research Anthony Johnson…since you probably won’t I’ll post this little piece from Wikipedia…

          He arrived in Virginia in 1621 aboard the James. The Virginia Muster (census) of 1624 lists his name as “Antonio not given,” recorded as “a Negro” in the “notes” column.[2] There is some dispute among historians as to whether this was the Antonio later known as Anthony Johnson, as the census lists several “Antonios.” This one is considered the most likely.[3]

          Johnson was sold to a white planter named Bennet as an indentured servant to work on his Virginia tobacco farm. Servants typically worked under an indenture contract for four to seven years to pay off their passage, room, board, lodging and freedom dues. In the early colonial years, most Africans in the Thirteen Colonies were held under such contracts of indentured servitude. With the exception of those indentured for life, they were released after a contracted period with many of the indentured receiving land and equipment after their contracts expired or were bought out.[4]

          • B. Smoove Thompson

            So if he was sold to a white planter? As an “INDENTURED ‘SERVANT’ what does that mean? He was a fucking slave you ass holes!

          • Travis

            incorrect my wiki loving friend indentured servants are not slaves and are not property.
            You can do the research since you’re so good at it.

          • Jerry Dorsey

            Wtf were they buying if they weren’t property and were INDEED TREATED AS PROPERTY dude you’re dillusional if you don’t think an indentured servant isn’t a slave Lmao that’s a pretty name for it smfh you white people and pretty names for Fucked up shit next you’ll tell me foie grad isn’t just a fancy name for duck liver Lmao man get your head out your ass and admit no way you split it WHITES OWNED THE FIRST BLACK SLAVES or as you so eloquently put it “indentured servants”

          • Francine Tyson

            Ok may i say something to this? Whie people come in all nationalities. So instead of saying white people why can’t it be said The English. Not all white people are English, Irish did not own slaves, we were slaves with you. I’ve never heard of Germans owning African American slaves either. So instead of saying white people it would be better to say English. And just to make it a point, Spanish were the very first ones to introduce slavery of African Americans. So why is it that WHITE PEOPLE, take all the shit for it. Also African Americans are the ones who sold their own into slavery, so why not do intense research and blame the ones that started the whole thing?

          • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

            actually, it was the Portugese

          • Francine Tyson

            Well i guess different books state different things, but regardless so many on here act like they know everything, they obviously don’t. One thing i know all books say is that African Americans sold their own into slavery period, and people just refuse to acknowledge it. It just pisses me off that its labled on all white people. We are all from different nationalities, fingers want to point so point them in the right direction or keep your mouth shut. I don’t mean you, i mean n general.

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            Our whiteness is but a byproduct of our many ethnicity’s…Well said and absolutely true. I came from the McBee’s, Dedmon’s, Hardins all of which came out of Scotland and Ireland…Not a single one owned slaves and had to flee because of religious persecutions and clan warfare.

          • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

            Hey idiot child. look up the difference between chattel slavery vs indentured servitude.

          • ANSLQ32

            Jerry, historians should be your reference, and feel free to use a legal dictionary to understand words and terms you are debating.

          • Savannah White

            Indentured servant: a person who signs and is bound by indentures to work for another for a specified time especially in return for payment of travel expenses and maintenance. In the 17th-19th century it was common practice to sell yourself (labor) for a variety of reasons. a person would make the decision to go to america and ask a wealthy family to ship them over and they would be their servant for x amount of years and when the time was up they were to be released according to law. By the way blacks where not the only indentured servants out their nor the first. Their is a difference between the slavery more commonly know in America and indentured servitude. Whether people are willing to recognize and admit those differences is the first step.

          • Michelle Yeack Brantley Johnso

            NO he was an indetured servant, Freewill. to pay his passage to the colonies to start a new life. HE was freed! seven years 50 acres n equipment. He could be bartered, White or black indentured servant. it was all the same.Your race was not the only indentured in the 1600s. He sold the Black Race out! Period. In fcat only Freed Black Men were allowed to OWN Black Slaves. John Casors kin should sue the pants off Johns family. It is recorded.

          • ANSLQ32

            No, B smooth. That is not what that means. It is a contract, pay my passage and transfer land to me, I will work indentured for seven years. Even those from any country who found themselves in a new land, but getting hungry and cold, agreed to an indentured contract. The article explains the progression from indentured servant for a set number of years, to a court ruling indentured for life, then a law allowing indentured for life; or slavery. It is the life part, not the indentured part of the term.

          • Metalmoto

            Really? You get your “facts” from Wikipedia? The FACT is, he absolutely was the first slave owner in America. That is a FACT that is only in dispute by racists who are trying to make excuses. Here are a couple more facts that will stick in your craw. There were many freed salves in America that also became slave owners themselves. And here is the biggest fact of them all. Practically all of the slaves that were brought back from Africa were already enslaved by the black chieftains of tribes. The chieftains traded their worst of the worst criminals that were enslaved first. And when they ran out of them, they traded their “good” slaves. Breaking up families in the process. Don’t act like white people are the only ones enslaving blacks. Slavery existed among the native Africans LONG before we were even a country. Actually, LONG before America was even “discovered”. Stop making excuses and stop dwelling on the past. You can’t better yourself for the future if you keep dwelling on past events that have nothing to do with me, you, or any current generation. Get over it and move on.

          • katzkiner

            The ancient institution of slavery is doing just fine in the non White regions of the world. Instead of bickering about who was the first slave Whites for the last 200 years have been working on freeing the last slave. Race pimp, the best paying job in the free world.

          • Tamara Hurt

            Please don’t use Wikipedia, it’s not a reputable source because anyone can alter the information themselves. Schools colleges urge their student never to not use that website.


          Ill respond accordingly you a sack of shit with a chip on your shoulder lol your a funny guy

        • Tyler Mitchell

          i come from the same background(Celtic).Thing is most white Americans come from poor and slavery background once you start digging deeper.The greatest slave trade known to man wasn’t in Africa like the naive blacks like tell the way not all blacks think this way..just the vocal ones…the greatest slave trade was found in Europe and it was white slaves.

        • Tamara Hurt

          Granted the Irish were slaves at one point but look this picture from a different point of view. Were the Irish enslaved for over 400, lynched, raped, murdered, castrated, chained, families torn apart whose descendants continue to be enslaved? Did the government create a system so that the Irish remained poor, uneducated, ignorant, as well as poisoned water and food? The answer is a definitive NO! Therefore, why would you want those who have experience and continue to experience those atrocities as well as rages of hate against them for no apparent, agree with you when you twist your lips to say, the past is the past. It’s done and over with. It’s NOT done and over with because, at this point, it’s mental slavery! Do you know our government’s intent is to break up the black family? Did you know it was our government that imported guns and drugs into black communities in the early 80’s that almost completely single handedly destroyed an entire generation whose parent were crack addicts? Do you realize alcohol and cigarettes targeted to the black community contains harsh and lethal chemicals than those in white neighborhoods? Do you know there is a system designed to keep blacks enslaved, poor, uneducated, unhealthy, ignorant and complacent! Start with the educational system. It’s antiquated, biased, full of lies and most subjects should be eliminated! Housing and credit interest rates are much higher for Blacks. , Employment practices are racist and biased and the list goes on! Maybe it me, correct me if I’m wrong or maybe I’m missing something somewhere, I don’t believe any other race is still experiencing this issue even in 2015!

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            Blacks weren’t enslaved 400 years by whites, where dig you dig that bit of misinformation up from?

            The blacks that were castrated were castrated by the Arab Muslims and other African slave traders, you are not speaking about American slave traders here, but Arab and African ones…Not even the Spanish nor the Portuguese castrated their slaves…

            Try again.

          • Tamara Hurt

            What is your source of information? What source did you use to conduct your research, Wikipedia? I don’t dispute nor argue historical facts from self proclaimed internet scholars such as yourself because the truth is the truth therefore it will speak for itself! On paper, it is noted slavery lasted 246 years from 1619 – 1865. With that said, we all know it lasted longer than that! Mental slavery continues till this day!

            My grandmother still have remnants of slavery!!! Who do you think you are to question me and act like you know what occurred during slavery in America when you clearly know nothing about it NOR know anyone personally!!!

            White people kept black people hostage as slaves against their will and many were caught, fined or what have you! The only facts, in my comment, you’re disputing are the 400 years and castration, like really?!!! To validate your argument you went to the internet and Googled slaves and castration which led you to Arabs then you returned to rant! Ha-Ha… wrong! Class in session: Google George Washington Carver. He, as well as a lot of black men, were castrated. George was castrated because they didn’t want George having sex with their daughters! Black men were routinely beaten, castrated, burned and hung by white men! These white men severed the PENIS and put it in a jar to proudly display it as a TROPHY to their friends!

            With that said, when on the internet reading comments, read with the intent to comprehend NOT the intent to respond! Be mindful, do NOT dispute topics you know nothing about!!!

            TRY AGAIN!!! Class dismissed!

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            Blah blah blah blah blah!
            Galactic Beauty is just full of herself!

            You are just plum filled to the tonsils with assumptions ain’t ya though?

            No, I amst not a Wikinutia…
            No, I do not quickly runneth over to Ah Ha Google Wrong Ya for information though I do research others claims as should we all do to correct misinformation instead of making unproven ASSUMPTIONS of others… And quite honestly there Galactical Assumptions, I am not a Ah Haa Gotcha kinda guy….Duh!

            Yes…I most absolutely do have a sovereign right to question and confirm yours and others claims for accuracy and authentication, who you are, what you say, how you post — and its YOU our Galactic Beautilicious, who do not have any rights to force others to ASSUME you are to be TRUSTED, RESPECTED or that you are being HONEST, because YOU SAY IT SO?

            NO, it was most certainly not routine for White American Slave owners to castrate Black Slaves.
            Yes it was absolutely a Practice amongst BOTH the Arab and African Slave Traders of the time and even to this day to castrate young black men….To This Day!

            Slaves that were going to be used in the service of Royalties such as eunuchs – harem servants were routinely castrated (very small fraction of slaves)….

            White slave owners encourage procreation for the simple reason to breed more slaves.
            Again, SLAVES were expensive man, their upkeep made more so, why would they castrate what could produce for them high profit margins and trade commodity’s….

            Slaves for the most part were very well cared for, sorta like expensive cattle were in those days BECAUSE they were very very very expensive and even hard to replace….Slaves cost from $4.000 to upwards to $7.000 by the late 1700s into the 1880s, or $90.000 to $150.000 in today’s monetary value…

            The South owned approximately 5-10% of the Slaves in North America, as only a small percentage of Southerners could afford them and 1% of those slave holders who owned slaves were Free Blacks…

            Also, the Europeans, Northern and Southern Plantation owners, both Blacks and Whites, had to take great care of their expensive SLAVES, there were housing…There were Medical, Dental and even Life insurance placed on each of their slaves and this too was expensive…They were generally well taken care of because they did not come cheap and maintaining a good working slave was important to keep production high!

            Africa Has A Long Heritage of Human Bondage, It Is Still Very Active Today?
            And Yes, Its True, White People Are Still Purchasing Them….Their Freedom That Is!

            Have ya seen many Black missionaries, Leaders, Groups going to African and helping their ancestors lately, or ever, to purchase their freedom, to feed and care for them?

            No! And you won’t either, Whites helped to Free Blacks in the 1700’s and by 1865 helped to abolishing slavery altogether…Whites also were tantamount to helping Blacks secure their equal rights amongst whites since after the War of Aggression against the Southern States, whites today are doing the same in Africa and Saudi Arabia to do all they can to secure the freedoms for the oppressed Africans who are being enslaved, by both other African’s and Arabs, Muslim or not….

            The Arabs and North Africans today are perhaps the most violent racist upon the face of this planet and this is very well proven to be true….

            That is, and if, you took the time to research your material…

            But, since you’re an anti – Ah Ha Google Me Wrong kinda of Uninformed Galactical Beauty, I doubt very seriously if even your very knowledgeable at all, and I’m not assuming as much for the fact that it was you yourself who made it very clear that you are against anyone researching or confirming information for their accuracy!

            Yes, you said it so…

            Class Dismissed? Nope, I don think it so my Black Meanie Queenie!

          • Dave

            African slaves were brought to America at the beginning of the 1500 by Spanish settlers. Many of you seem to be confused beginning of Slavery with the one of the British Colonies legalizing slavery in the 1600. There was slavery before that. What law did was specify who they could be, Black. And after 1865, there was a period of Reconstruction in the South, where Union soldiers occupied the region. Reconstructed lasted until 1877, when Republicans in Congress compromised with Democrats, allowing the Republicans to have the presidency while the Southern Democrats got the removal of Union troops from the South.

            That returned the South to it’s pre-civil war slavery institution, except it was called share cropping–where Blacks worked the fields and were offered housing, food and pay. But the pay was alway less than the cost of the housing and food. So, you were forced to continue working until you paid off the debt. Of course that would never happen. And the Black workers couldn’t leave, because law enforce these rules. And then other Jim Crow laws were set up specifically for Blacks, they separated everything and that prevented Blacks from voting. Looks like slavery, feels like slavery and acts like slavery, but we just don’t it slavery. It’s everyone just staying in their place, with the enforcement of law, the KKK, politician, and the White citizens complicit in the segregated society who claim, “that’s just the way things are.” as justification of their own actions. This system went on until the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s.

            And this article is full a factual un-truths. In the court case where Anthony Johnson was suing Robert Parker over John Casor, Casor was not an indentured servant, but already a slave of Anthony Johnson (because it was not illegal to own slaves). Robert Parker was claiming that Casor was an indenture servant for Anthony Johnson. The first court ruling agreed with Parker, which freed ‘Carsor, and then a court ruling over turned that ruling claiming Casor was Johnson’s slave and not an indentured servant

            This article is right-wing revisionist history. It tries to give the impression that slavery did not exist before Anthony Johnson, and that the first slave owner in America was Black. It also tries to give the impression that indentured servants were released after a set amount of years and given land. Companies that “gathered” indentured servants made as part of their deal the servants that after working for several years, they would be given their release and land. They were rarely given that land and it was rare for former indenture servants to own land.

        • Ron Belal

          Black slavery was different, they took your name, identity, religioun, family & culture. They also breeded black people for generations….like dogs bro.

          This was never done to any group of people in the history of humanity.

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            Jews? Chinese, Irish, Europeans, Asians, Javanese all were Slaves….Well, I could go on and on….You wouldn’t get it any ways….

          • Sparky6string

            The millions of slaves that were taken elsewhere were made into eunuchs and /or killed off. Being bred was not the worst thing that could have happened.

        • Greg Hensley

          Everyone seems to Forget the most Famous Slave of ALL-TIME!!!! A White Man named Spartacus!!!!

        • simone4447

          so blacks shouldn’t get upset when a swat officer no knock raid the wrong house that has a sleeping 7year old girl? that they shoot and blame it on the grandmother?

          • Jeffrey Hardin

            Of course Blacks should speak out and get upset over Government intrusions…But in truth, more white homes are raided than Black homes by as much as 4 times…We should all denounce swat raids as they are not only ineffective but dangerous and not always reliable…
            But Blacks are making this only about Blacks oppression when we are all suffering oppression under this repressive Government, who by the way calls the shots and makes the rules for the Police to follow!
            We have come under a heavier assault under Obama than any President in our History and that is a fact!`

      • Amri Enger

        I’m multi racial, my family is a rainbow of color. I embrace all of my history, especially my native ancestory from my mothers side. What I’ve noticed in my own family as well friends is that when another race is mentioned with opression, many blacks get offended. As if no other race has ever suffered as they have. Meanwhile i still have family trapped on reservations without modern plumbing. Unable to get a SS card because they have no ID, unable to get an ID because they can’t get a SS card. It’s a sick vicious cycle. Today’s youth is fueled by the media and spoon fed that white people hate them, so they sag their pants and yell “nigga” in regular conversation, wondering why they are stereotyped. I’ve told my own black family members to lose the chip and join society. The only ones keeping you lower class citizen is yourself, not your color.

        • PG King

          “I’ve told my own black family members to lose the chip and join society” – What you said right there, says it all. You don’t know how many times I try to tell my black friends the same thing. No one cares that you are black and no one cares that you were slaves one hundred years ago.
          –Thank You for your comment–

          • William Dunlap

            PG King and Amri Enger, you’re both uneducated… You’ll never ever understand the effect of “Institutionalism”… While I was able to transcend it it, that’s not the case for everyone are institutionalized in a white-dominated society… Everyone doesn’t beat it… Ever heard of “old money/” You can’t simply state in the 60s that all discrimination has been lifted and expect those “institutionalized” to believe that they could never ever be equal to whites (reason we were forced to ride the back of the bus etc…) to simply “get over it” when we all know glass ceilings still do exist… Again, you’ll never understand because either you’re not black or you weren’t educated… The person that taught me most about this subject was my WHITE Sociology professor when I was stationed in Alaska… Needed Sociology for my Criminal Justice degree… BTW, I harbor no ill feelings about America’s past… Why do you think that on a global scale, whenever there are Civil Rights conventions, all of the other countries tell us that we shouldn’t even open our mouths? Again, that’s the way society was… Many blacks have risen to excel in the country their ancestors built… The U.S. Govt is disporportionately black… I am of Native America, Irish and Black ancestry, and have transited or operated in almost 60 countries, thus I understand more about my very own country than most… And while it’s till no perfect, out of the almost 60 i’ve been, it stands head and shoulders against the rest in terms of being the best country on this planet and there are many many blacks just like me that agree and will GLADLY give their life for its preservation… And just because I’m “part” white and Native American doesn’t mean I don’t understand what my race is going through… Knowledge is power…

          • PG King

            Uneducated? We blacks can learn from the past, not live in it. Most of the people that I argue with (Black Hebrew Israelite’s, Black Muslims) always bring up slavery and what white people have done to us. They always point fingers at white people, never taking responsibility. I’m just saying no one cares about who we are, and no one else cares about our past. I live in Washington DC and there is a lot of crime. So I guess slavery and white people are to blame for this?

            —I have a different perspective on life and history. I don’t call people uneducated because they think differently than I do. I used to do that but I’ve learned over the years not to disrespect people.—-

          • William Dunlap

            I live in DC but am an Antiterrorist/Force protection Officer thus I travel all over the globe… I apoligize for being so harsh… I’m conservative… I blame SLAVERY for the insitutionalism of black people, but also feel that we need to recognize said institutionalism and perservere… I never bring up “whites did this and that” unless I’m responding to someone that is describing history inaccurately… Yes, white folks in power back then ARE to blame for the institutionalism of blacks, however, that was the way of the world back then… It was accepted… A norm… But that doesn’t mean we have to subscribe to and further perpetuate the stereotypes… I love this country enough to gladly give my life for it, without hesitation or reservation… If I die, i hope it’s not by some thug here in DC, but by a terrorist in the Middle East or even here because I courageously placed my life in between the threat and whatever it was I was risking my life for… Whether a human, place of importance, mass gathering facility, person of importance or just plain desire to eliminate someone attempting to carry out terroristic action… Lastly, I have the true American family… At our family reunion you’ll see about a third white, my wife and another Asian, and the rest black… Where I’m originally from it has the smallest population of blacks, thus my cousin were forced to marry whites, as the black were their cousins,,, I have zero racial hang-ups, but I’m educated enough to know how blacks were instutionalized and will gladly debate any inaccuracies I come across…

          • Travis

            There were almost as many black slave owners as white.
            Most white people never owned slaves and a huge majority of white people didn’t get here ( to America) till slavery was abolished.
            Irish, Germans, Russians, Poles, the ones that immigrated after 1880 they never had slaves.
            The African Americans should be mad at other Africans and the Dutch they were the slave traders.
            The colonial Americans just needed labor. If the tractor had been invented a hundred years earlier this would even be a topic of conversation.
            The real question is after hundreds of years in America blacks still don’t want to get on the bus, work, pay taxes, vote, and prosper. It really isn’t that hard if the Chinese can go from being slaves to owning half the dang country, blacks can do it too.

          • stan schmunk

            The colonial Ameericans just needed labor? Why and why didn’t they pay their laborers? James chapter 5

          • ANSLQ32

            It was hundreds of years ago, society norms were very different than today and a ‘living wage’. lol

          • stan schmunk

            The Civil War was 150 years ago and stoop labor still exists today. But the main point is that they were supposedly Christians. Read the first part of James 5.

          • aniee

            Another thing never mentioned, there were very well to do Black’s that lived in the East. How they rose to their wealth i am not clear, but make no mistake, they had their own Black servants. They had power of their own, prestige in the communities and hobnobed right up there with their White counerparts. To bring us to the present, i read a little tid bit of news awhile back which said there is an entire population of very wealthy Blacks that live in the Hamptons. That surprised me fore just the mention of the Hamptons always had me thinking of White people. Who knew!

          • Francine Tyson

            Never forget your past. Learn about it, in every way. I do agree that its the past and we all no matter what color we are had obstacles to overcome, maybe not in the same time frame but throughout history every nationality hadto overcome something. Yes people make mistakes and do unimaginable things, but if people continue to harp on it we has a nation will never overcome it. In todays society African Americans have more opportunity than any other nationality, but if they don’t take advantage of it it will not come to them. I have many friends of different nationalities and i will tell you something i see way to often in the African American community. So many drop out of school and then complain its the white man keeping them down, cause they can’t get jobs, well to me thats a bit ridiculous. White people don’t make people quite school, they don’t make people commit crime, they dont make this happen the individual does.

          • Michelle Yeack Brantley Johnso

            You sound well educated and self sufficient. Bravo. :)

          • PG King

            Thank You!

          • Duende Brooks

            its kind of hard to kill the tension when there are still people a who is alive whom lived thru the civil rights movements teaching their kids and grand kids. People talk about slavery is over and it had happen long ago but they act like after that everybody lived in peace.

        • William Dunlap

          Amri, sorry for being so harsh initially… I too am of mixed heritage… And I too embrace ALL of my heritage, while at the same time addressing inaccuracies when i come across them… Having been mentored and promoted by mostly white supervisors and leaders, and coming from WV originally where we have the lowest percentage of blacks, most of my cousins had no choice but ot marry whites, which I’m totally cool with… My spouse is a fine ass Filipina… Additionally I’m conservative… I don’t believe in Welfare and subscribe to the majority of the Conservative/Republican views/ideology… As far as being lower class, I was first a contractor in Iraq before taking a govt positon as Director, Antiterrorism/Force Protection, Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq, Contingency Operating Sites Tikrit and Taji… I made about 500K in 2.5 years there while eliminating some terrorists along the way… That salary was in addition to my 26-year military retirement/disability pay… At least for that period of time I was considered in the 33% tax percentile (Upper Middle class)… Please don’t mistake my being educated and knowing who controlled slavery with “blaming” white people… The fact of the matter is that white people had the power, money and influmece, thus were slavery’s #1 proprietor… Again, that was the way of the world… We cannot change history… I love my white bruthas just as much as my black and don’t have any chip on my shoulder nor desire to associate with the type of person that has… Especially since I spent the majority of my life in THE MOST racially harmonic institution ever to exist on Earth! THE U.S. ARMED FORCES!!!

          • ANSLQ32

            William, you might make the case for the early 1800s in your #1 ranking, but not for the history of mankind. Otherwise, you are right on! My first wife was Filipina. My second wife (Irish-Native American descent) convinced me not to work in logistics contracting in Iraq as I had already done my 20 years Navy time, and just starting my time with her. Despite what anyone says (mostly uneducated about the world and history) the United States is the single best place to live.

      • Amtoine Grant

        I think you mean the Slavics, which I’m told is where the word slave comes from.

        • PG King

          I don’t know what you are saying. Blacks were slave in the 13 colonies.

          • Jötun Dovregubben

            Slavery began before America. Whites were Slaves to the Ottomans, the Moors, the Arabs and the, Barbary Pirates. The word Slave comes from Slav. Slavic peoples.

      • William Dunlap

        Please… PG KIng you’re comparing “indentured Servitude” to real slavery… The 2 are apples and oranges… Indentured Servants came here willing and thus had to pay off their debts… Indentured servants were not branded, castrated, whipped, raped, bred, lynched/hung, burned alive, amputated etc, nor where they forced to eat the unwanted parts of pigs or cattles, nor did they build a great country only to have to ride on the back of buses (if allowed to ride at all), forced to enter the rear door of establishments (if even allowed entry at all), forced to drink from the non-refridgerated water fountain etc for CENTURIES! And glass ceilings still do exist! Now people will use this idiocy to blame slavery on the very people ot enslaved… I guess Anthony Johnson rented a sip and went to Africa to get his “1” slave to start the Slave Trade ay? SLAVERY WAS CREATED DUE TO THE DEMAND FOR LABOR! Society (white) back then elected to capture Africans and force them into unpaid slavery. As far as Metalmoto’s non-thought-provoked explanation below, again, apples and oranges… Blacks didn’t get civil rights until having to fight and die for them not long ago (60s). White indentured servants were not “institutionalized” for centuries like blacks were… Was any of this right or wrong? It was what it was…. That was the way of the world back then! So again, Metalmoto’s surmize is idiocy… No way you guys are educated with degrees… A lot of this is more than history… It’s common sense… As a Black American that has served his country for 31 years protecting our POTUSs, VPOTUSs, SecDefs, Nuclear Weapons, assets vital to national security, fighting Al Qaeda and ISIS and any other threat to it’s existence, I pride myself on transcending the “institutionalism” and bursting through those glass ceilings to be a successful Antiterrorim/Force Protection Agent… I am most glad that due to my education, I will never ever believe the diatribe and lack of common sense I see often by uneducated folks…

        • PG King

          Not every Irish person was an indentured servant. Read the book White Cargo and other books related to white slaves.

      • Guinnessmonkey

        Feel free to document some of the black slave owners in Alabama. Considering that there were only 2,690 free blacks in Alabama in 1860 and 3,500 in Georgia, I doubt that there were large numbers of black slave owners in either state. Alabama doesn’t exist during the early period of slavery, before it was fully codified as racial. By the time plantations are being set up in Alabama, blacks couldn’t testify in court. If you owned a plantation and slaves and couldn’t legally defend yourself in court, some white guy without land and slaves could sue you and win easily, taking everything you own. There’s a reason why the vast majority of free blacks in the antebellum South are either in Louisiana (which is different than the rest of the Deep South due to the French having different rules for races, including allowing the children of a slave and a white to inherit property) or in the Border States (particularly ones that didn’t’ secede, like Maryland. Baltimore had more free blacks than slaves by the time 1860 rolled around).

        • Jerry Dorsey

          Dude you must be white and don’t want to admit true facts go back in history I’m from Baltimore Maryland it was not a free state it was always a secessionist state if you do you’re research you’ll find the first blood of the civil war was union troops coming through Baltimore… Baltimore Maryland was a port for the slave trade for the south it’s not deep south but it IS SOUTH OF THE MASON DIXON LINE making it part of a The south slaves didn’t stop in Maryland getting to freedom they were traded and held there stop spreading lies man

          • Guinnessmonkey

            Uh, take a deep breath and reread my post. I know that Maryland was a slave state. Slavery in Maryland, however, was mostly confined to the tidewater area; most of the state had few slaves and little support for secession, which is why the vast majority of Marylanders who fought in the Civil War fought for the Union.

            The slaveholding minority in Maryland was indeed rabidly secessionist, but they were outnumbered by the rest of the state. Maryland was definitely a southern state, but it was not secessionist state. The South, after all, was far from united in support of the Confederacy, with poorer, none slaveholding whites often either resisting the CSA draft or openly fighting against the Confederacy. When you add in black Southerners who wore blue, it’s been estimated by historians that for every two southerners who fought for the CSA, one fought for the Union.

            Problem is, many of those backwoods types were also pretty racist, so they didn’t exactly boast about their Unionism during Jim Crow, making them mostly forgotten in southern memory, which preferred (guided by propaganda in history textbooks put there by groups like the United Daughters of the Confederacy) to remember a south united against the Union, even including the ridiculous myths of loyal slaves. It’s ironic that the very people least likely to support the CSA (mountain and backwoods rednecks) are now the ones most likely to wave Confederate flags and drone on about their “culture and heritage”.

            What I wrote wasn’t that Maryland didn’t have slaves, but that the free black population in Baltimore was greater than the slave population in Baltimore by 1860. (Once there were so many free blacks in Baltimore, slave owners avoided sending slaves there when possible, as if became easier for slaves to use the free population to escape, as Frederick Douglass did) And yes, I’m well aware that Baltimore (along with Alexandria and Richmond in Virginia) were major hubs of the domestic slave trade by which millions of slaves were forcibly separated from their families in service to the slave owners’ greed.

            I know this page is full of crazy racists with no real knowledge of history, but I’m just here to mock them.

      • Nobam2012

        Who’s ignoring white slaves? We just get over it an move on. None of use where alive then so why should it bother us?

        • PG King

          It would be nice to see some of this type of history in our history books. Most kids think that only blacks were slaves in this country.

          • Francine Tyson

            Yes it would be great to see it taught in our schools, it should be. And you’re right most kids think only African Americans were slaves.

          • aniee

            This part is true. I am not Black but i only learned about slaves being Black. I was well into adulthood before i knew other true facts. But let me ask you this, why doesn’t Black History Month teach these things.

          • PG King

            ” why doesn’t Black History Month teach these things.” I HAVE NO IDEA! But at least the information (TRUTH) is out there.

        • Francine Tyson

          Agreed, but it would be nice for schools to teach about it and it be publicized the same as African Americans. Our problem is not enough of us speak up. But I also feel that we don’t use it cause it’s history. We learned to overcome the past and let it be. Although I like to call people out when they try to start with the slavery issue, it pretty much shuts them up real quick.

      • Francine Tyson

        We don’t ignor our own history, we are denied it. It isn’t taught in schools about my ancestors ( the Irish) and how they were brought here as slaves also. Many people are uneducated on slavery period. Whites no matter what their nationality are sought after about having slaves ext., but in fact the Spanish were the first to bring slaves here African American and Irish. We learned to just to let it go cause if we try in innovate it the schools it will be as if we are trying to justify slavery of the African Americans because we are white skinned. But in fact yes we were brought here as slaves and when we didn’t listen to our owners our hands and feet were torched, we were decapitated and our heads stuck on pikes so that other irish slaves would see this and not try to act out. African Americans of today look at only the color of skin and assume that we were slave owners. They have no clue about slavery what so ever or they would look at things differently, not all African Americans but many. And even many irish of today have no clue that their ancestors were slaves, lack of picking up a book and reading up on their heritage. Its sad it really is. I make it a point to teach my children about the heritage and our history. I’m a proud irish woman and i want them to know that their ancestors made it possible for them to be here.

        • PG King

          Thank you for your comment!

      • aniee

        Maybe it’s because whatever happened way back in the early history of this country needs to be read about, looked at carefully with some critical thinking and knowledge about how to not go down that same road again and then leave it in the past. Fine to talk about stuff, laugh, cry or whatever you need to do and then move on. Whites don’t have a instigator lile Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson (among others) who constantly preach this stuff and instigate hate and discontent. I believe MLK wanted his people to move on with their lives and improve and be forgiving, etc…….not to mention, not be stirring a pot of injustice that leads to a bunch of fighting. That was not his way. Imagine if Whites of Irish descent were all about wanting retribution from the Italians, or Greeks or polish or whoever they thought had dissed them way back when, when they came here to America. We would still be having a ‘Gangs of New York’ attitude and wouldn’t that just be dandy. Maybe people have evolved in the past 200 yrs. and become smarter, better, and wiser…….well. one can always hope.

        • PG King

          I beg to differ that whites don’t have instigators like you mention. I will agree that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (and others) are opportunist and race hustlers. The reason blacks are ignorant, to history, is because they haven’t been taught real history. When I grew up, I thought that only blacks were slaves and whites were evil. Even one of my teachers in High School couldn’t believe I was thinking that way. I soon learned to actually read and study, and found out the truth. Believe me, I felt really stupid for the way I was thinking. Now I’m angry at all of the blacks that don’t take the time to do research. It’s all about learning from the past and not living in it.
          PEACE and Thank You for the conversation!!!!

          • aniee

            I know of not one White person, woman or man, who jumps into controversial events and starts retoric of a sort which is not just contoversial, but outright lies, and race baits in order to agitate his listeners. Who is the White person you can think of that does this, not just a one timer, but over and over and over, for yrs., interjecting himself into all this ‘stuff’ and is jonny-on-the-spot to preach and try and start some crap. ? I cannot think of one White who does this. There may be some ding bat out there that in their own local community is known as an agitator, but not on a national level. I guess if i had to pick any one i would pick Debbie Wasserman Shultz. She was pretty out in people’s faces all over the place for several yrs, including all the media shows, now not so much. Debbie will not have a long shelf life like Al Sharpton. He even surpasses Jesse Jackson. The old man needs to shut his pie hole and go home and give it up.

          • PG King

            Sometimes people who work behind the scenes are worse than people that are nationally known. “There may be some ding bat out there that in their own local community is known as an agitator”. I excluded the “But not on a national level” because it’s those people ( in communities) that can create web pages and have a following. I will be honest with you and say that, I can not think of anyone in particular. But you have to know that there are a lot of white Al Sharptons around, who have a different platform of ignorance. I know that statement is like a shot in the dark, But I’m not fooled into thinking that there are no white instigators.


      • Kevin Shepard

        “War of Northern Aggression” is the so called civil war

      • Jane

        Because it is not whites writing the history it is jews who hate us!

    • Guinnessmonkey

      Nearly every “black slave owner” in Louisiana either was an ex-slave who purchased a family member to free them from slavery (which surely doesn’t count) or else they were mixed-race creoles, most of whom were mostly white (some were 1/16th black or less). That only counts as a “black slave owner” by crazy old racist Jim Crow standards. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a “black” planter in antebellum Louisiana who wasn’t at least partially French (usually mostly French).

      In most of the South, there were two racial categories: Black and white. In Louisiana (and other French or Spanish colonies) there were at least three: Black, white, and colored (gens de couleur). Later American settlers in Northern Louisiana would shun this, which is why nearly all the “free black slave owners” you’ll find were in the southern parts of Louisiana near New Orleans.

    • CGEAR

      You say this to justify slavery towards black people. Jesus Hates You.

    • Susannah Fitters Fedders

      My Cajun family in Louisiana had slaves for the Sugar Cain, Cotton feilds but what dose that have to do with me I wasn’t even thought of. To me it was just there ERA but if the Blacks think it would make a difference “I apologize I’m sorry for that, now what dose that do for you ? Would you like blood ?

  • sbuffalonative

    PBS did a story on this years ago.

    “By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.”

    Before you go around citing the above fact, you have to keep in mind one thing. Free blacks often bought their relatives who were still slaves. They weren’t buying slave workers, they were freeing their relatives by purchasing them.

    I point this out because you need to be careful about using this in an argument as it can easily be shot down by your opponent.

    • John Smith

      “By 1699, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks SOLD THEMSELVES to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa.”
      If they we treated so poorly and Africa was such a paradise, please explain this.

      • Guinnessmonkey

        Never even heard this in antebellum pro-slavery propaganda, so color me doubtful. If you’ve got a source, please share it.

    • Leah

      Read the book, “Black Slaveowners: Free Black Save masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860″ by Larry Koger. He meticulously documents that while a handful of free black slaveowners owned family members the majority owned slaves for economic reasons, same as their white counterparts. Free blacks bought, used and sold their fellow man, same as whites. They are equally guilty, maybe even more so since they owned racial “brothers.” Slavery was the economic reality of the day for both races of free men.

    • John Bonham

      Where did you learn that PBS ?? Ppfftt !!!

    • andy

      Nonsense ,If they were slaves where the money come from ? Black owned and breed slaves for sale.

      According to federal census reports, on
      June 1, 1860 there were nearly 4.5 million Negroes in the United
      States, with fewer than four million of them living in the southern slave holding states. Of the blacks residing in the South, 261,988 were
      not slaves. Of this number, 10,689 lived in New Orleans. The country’s
      leading African American historian, Duke University professor John Hope
      Franklin, records that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned
      slaves, or 28 percent of the free Negroes in that city.

      return to the census figures quoted above, this 28 percent is certainly
      impressive when compared to less than 1.4 percent of all American
      whites and less than 4.8 percent of southern whites. The statistics
      show that, when free, blacks disproportionately became slave masters.

      • Guinnessmonkey

        As I posted below:

        Nearly every “black slave owner” in Louisiana either was an ex-slave who purchased a family member to free them from slavery (which surely doesn’t count) or else they were mixed-race creoles, most of whom were mostly white (some were 1/16th black or less). That only counts as a “black slave owner” by crazy old racist Jim Crow standards. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a “black” planter in antebellum Louisiana who wasn’t at least partially French (usually mostly French).

        In most of the South, there were two racial categories: Black and white. In Louisiana (and other French or Spanish colonies) there were at least three: Black, white, and colored (gens de couleur). Later American settlers in Northern Louisiana would shun this, which is why nearly all the “free black slave owners” you’ll find were in the southern parts of Louisiana near New Orleans.

        Also: I liked the slight of hand you did. You use the percentage of “black” slave owners in New Orleans and compare it to the number of whites throughout the entire country who owned slaves.

        Never mind. I see what you really did: You copy pasted that out of an article you found online (or from someone else who did the same), an article that doesn’t source where Franklin supposedly wrote that (though he sources other books, making it an odd omission).

        Too bad, because the number smacks of BS to me. You only get to a “4.8 percent of southern whites” number if you only count the guys whose name is actually on the deed. That means that if you have a white family of 10 (father, mother, five children, one child-in-law, and two grandchildren) and that family owns hundreds of slaves, that only counts as 1 slave owner. Sure, the son may have a slave manservant who accompanies him wherever he goes, but the slaves is technically owned by his father, so he’s not a slave owner. The daughter may force a slave to breastfeed her child, but her father owns the slave, not her, so it doesn’t count, etc.

        Meanwhile, you can only get to 28% of “free Negroes” in New Orleans owning slaves by including all members of the household as “slave owners”. After all, there’s no way that in 1860, 28% of free blacks were heads of households. If (as you can usually safely assume for this era) that anyone rich enough to own slaves would also have a spouse, then you’re already up to 56% of free blacks in New Orleans in these slave households. You’d have to also them, on average, have no children at all and you still have just about zero free blacks who aren’t slave owners (and only in New Orleans).

        Much more likely that 28% of gens de couleur libres in New Orleans were in households that owned a slave. The number for whites in the South is higher than that, and here we’re only considering the free black population… 28% of 18,647 out of 350,373. So only 1.4% of blacks in Louisiana lived in families that owned slaves in 1860, compared with roughly 29% of Louisiana whites.

        So yhea, those numbers don’t mean what you think they mean. Though when you do a Google search for ‘em, you’ll find that racists have copy/pasted that one clip all over the internet. Hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised if they got it wrong in the first place…. But whatever. Why learn anything when you can just copy/paste something you read on a racist blog?

  • Kathleen

    Don’t expect to hear this in the media or History books anytime soon, race hustlers have a monopoly on the eternal victim card

    • William Dunlap

      Uneducated response…

      • Travis

        Not really Kathleen has it pretty much right on the money your own leaders if you can call they that will be more than happy to sell you out for a little air time on TV.

        • Guinnessmonkey

          Well, it won’t be in the media or the history books because it isn’t true, as even five minutes of research would tell you. We know of plenty of slave owners before him. Hell, it’s not like American slavery started in Virginia, anyway. The Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch were already sending African slaves to the Americas by then. Slavery had existed in Virginia for about twenty years before Johnson even owned property.

  • ElComadreja

    This isn’t surprising. Slavery is a time-honored African tradition. Who do they think sold them into slavery to begin with? Being brought to America was the best thing that ever happened to them.

    • New World Order

      Hold on watch it buddy, African Slavery wouldn’t never have happened if it wasn’t for the Europeans coming to Africa and erasing ALL of their history. Africa and the very advanced city of Timbuktu was far advanced in time. They had colleges, libraries, masters of architectures and so much more. And yes Africans sold other African tribes out to protect their families and also guns. They had no choice due to the evil Europeans because they came to take everything and everyone regardless. Africans couldn’t fight protect their selves because the Europeans ruled with Guns and Africans couldn’t win that battle.

    • tracy

      This is a documented photo of a whipped slave. Listen, dear correspondent, do you think this kind of thing was unusual? I dont. , Do you think that after this heinous and inhuman whipping, his life improved and people felt sorry for him sudeenly, or that it continued as badly as before and he died in pain? I dont think anything was dome to punish his owners, be they black or white, and I think all blacks were ina misery inconceivable buy you and me or anyone.. If you can see my point, then in what way, dear corespondent, is coming to America for a black as a slave is the best thing that can happen to a black?

      • katzkiner

        Tracy, in Africa he would have been lunch. In Africa today he would be chopped with a machete, set on fire or both. Sure, punishment was inhumane in the USA in the 1800’s , it is even more inhumane in your fabled Africa TODAY. Prisoners in the USA are treated much better than most citizens in Africa. Visit your beloved Africa, better yet move your silly azz back home.

      • Travis

        Did you not read the article they would stay as slaves rather than go back to Africa.
        tracy you can’t change history we all have to live with it but you can at a minimum tell it like it was and don’t wash it down and try to make it something it wasn’t. Whipping had been used to motivate humans for thousands of years it wasn’t invented in the American south like some might want to you think. Today atrocities are being visited on humans all over the world so try and change the future because the past can not be changed.
        I’d take a whipping over a beheading any time. After a whipping you can heal and live after a beheading you’re not doing much.

    • William Dunlap

      SELL or be SOLD!!! That was their dilemma! They didn’t have much choice! I love it when idiots blame slavery on the Africans instead of the DEMAND for FREE LABOR by those with the power, money, influence and RESOURCES such as ships, manpower and weapons to facilitate said slave trade… What isn’t surprizing is the fact you have ZERO COMMON SENSE!!!

      • Travis

        I don’t think blame is the correct word, but if when the Dutch came to Africa they had been greeted by a united Africa ready to fight for their freedom instead of tribes willing to sell their neighbors. The whole slave trade as it was would have been different.

  • MooTieFighter

    Wait, wait, wait. Don’t take the history of slavery away from blacks. Whatever would they blame their failures of today on?

  • Augustus3709

    It should come as no surprise since Slavery was the currency of Africa. They had no production or money, so they traded in cows and humans.

    According to the Explorers in Africa, the going price for a slave was ten cows.

    • Guinnessmonkey

      Africa had no production or money? Mali had enormous gold mines. One king apparently gave away so much gold in Egypt on the way to Hajj that he disrupted the economy for years. Africans had as much a market for agricultural products as Europeans had.

      Slaves in Africa had a status similar to serfs in the Europe of the time; they owned certain days to their master and certain days labor was kept for themselves. Intermarriage between slave and master was common, nor was slavery usually for life (let alone for the life of your children). It is unknown if Africans selling POW’s (etc) to Europeans fully understood what the fate of those they sold would be; that a large percentage would die in the crossing, and the rest would be held in chattel slavery for the rest of their lives, their children’s lives, and the lives of their descendants for hundreds of years; that they would have no rights at all, and be subject to rape, murder, mutilation, and brutal conditions and treatment.

      • Augustus3709

        The fact that that one king gave the gold away showed that he didn’t understand money or economics. Africa did not have an agricultural market like Europe. Most products Africans were seeing for the first time and only learning about them. By the Renaissance serfdom was already over in Europe. African slavery was not similar. Africans owned their slaves and could rape and kill them, since they totally owned them. Africans who sold slaves and prisoners to slave traders didn’t care what their fate was. Those slaves were just a payday. Other times the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade saved the lives of Africans who were otherwise going to be tortured, mutilated and killed by their fellow Africans simply for sport and entertainment. For some, slavery across the Atlantic was their only salvation.

        • Guinnessmonkey

          WTF? You read a story of a guy so rich that he bought popularity by giving away gold and read a racist parable about a guy too simple to understand that gold has economic value?

          Serfdom declined in Western Europe after the Black Death, but got worse in Central and Eastern Europe, where it would last until the mid 19th century.

          The bit about slaves being saved by the slave trade is mind bogglingly crazy.

          • Augustus3709

            He obviously didn’t understand economics to give all the gold away. That didn’t “buy popularity”, it was a wasted opportunity for his home nation. What was “racist” about observing his poor investments?

            The last bit is not crazy at all, it is absolutely true. Africans would capture rival tribes and for fun have gruesome torture and sacrifice ceremonies. Traders took them as slaves which saved their lives.

          • Guinnessmonkey

            Well, centuries later they were still telling tales of how rich and powerful he was. And I’m not sure you understand economics if you think that gold was an amazing opportunity for the people of Mali (too early for any country to be a nation); a one way ticket to inflation back then, a mistake Europeans made just as much (gold and silver destroyed Spain, for example).

            Africans are not all one culture or ethnic group. Not only am I not aware of any “gruesome torture and sacrifice ceremonies” in the areas most slaves came from (West Africa was mostly agriculrural, with scattered small towns. Early on Europeans traded with them for agricultural goods more than slaves, particularly grains of paradise, which was used as a pepper substitute), but I’m even if these ceremonies did exist I doubt they routinely killed 20-30% if the population, which is the number usually lost on the Middle Passage. On top of that, the vast majority of slaves went to the Caribbean sugar plantations, and there conditions were so brutal that the average slave lived only 10 years after arriving in the New World.

            Arguing that the slave trade was a net positive for the slaves is like arguing that the Holocaust was a net positive for European Jews. Sure, some survived and may even have done better in Israel or the USA or whatever, but most died horribly.

          • Augustus3709

            I was speaking of equatorial west Africa and the experiences of European explorers there. Clearly not all Africa is the same, but that particular location is where the stock of slaves for the journey came from.

            I didn’t say that slavery across the Atlantic was a net positive for Africans, but there is a strong argument that it actually was. Some slaves died in transport, but not all Africans in the New World were slaves. Many owned slaves themselves. Their opportunities in the New World allowed a larger population to grow. Slavery was in the end a net positive for their numbers, where they could not have sustained such growth in tribal Africa.

            The proof is in the fact that when the US government created Liberia and offered to relocate Africans back home, the overwhelming majority decided to stay, some actually going so far as asking their former masters to officially place them back into slavery so that they could maintain the lifestyle that they were comfortable with.

            Your analogy to “the holocaust” is odd. How do you define the holocaust? What does that word mean to you?

          • Guinnessmonkey

            It was centuries before black populations in the New World experienced natural growth. Death rates were so high that new slaves had to be constantly brought in to replace those who had died from the brutal conditions. Similarly, they already had such numbers in “tribal Africa”.

            Liberia was initially quite popular. It was when they heard stories from the ones who made the journey and heard how they were ravaged by disease (those who grew up in areas in North America without endemic yellow fever (which gives lifetime immunity if you get it as a child) would have been unprepared for the disease climate of West Africa, and would have died like flies in the rainy season) or how some weren’t even taken to Liberia, but were simply re-enslaved by unscrupulous ship captains).

            Again, I have NEVER heard of any free slaves who asked for re-enslavement. Ever. That smells like total BS to me.

            I really hope your question about the Holocaust isn’t a lead in to you telling me how it never really happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised on this website.

          • Augustus3709

            Africans had easier lives in the New World than in Africa, with better care and milder weather as well. It’s dishonest to keep talking about “brutal treatment”. Africans received no more brutal treatment than in Africa itself.

            Explorers noted that in African tribes they couldn’t find a single woman without gashes and scars on their legs since the men beat them so much with sticks and whips. Children would often be sold for goods or left for dead.

            I asked you out of curiosity to define the holocaust since you brought it up. I noticed you dodged the question.

          • Guinnessmonkey

            Why do I need to define it? I didn’t dodge, I just find your request tiresome. I’m talking about the mass murder of European Jews by the Nazis. What other definition is there in the context of European Jews? The fact that you’re even asking is kinds creepy

            If you think slavery in the New World was even vaguely “mild” then I’d like to know your sources. I have an entire library on the history of slavery at this point, and none of it describes slavery as mild. Slavery in the Americas was vastly more brutal. Name the source that claims otherwise, because I’m getting the feeling that I’m wasting my time with a Lost Causer that thinks slavery wasn’t so bad, which really just means that you have no idea what you’re talking about and/or get most of your knowledge of slavery from white supremacist propaganda. Frankly, I should have just stopped dealing with you when you made the ridiculous “re-enslavement” claim, doubly so when you didn’t name a source.

  • mchawe

    This Anthony Johnson may be black but does not have classic negroid features. If his skin were white, I would say he was a JEW. Negros usually have fleshy noses, large nostrils, and small ears. This one has a JEWISH nose and JEWISH ears. How he ended up with the name Johnson is a mystery, but LBJ was probably a Jew also. My verdict: he had Jewish ancestry.

    • Nick Rodriguez

      Your verdict? based on? lmao hes from Angola with NO Jewish heritage. lmaoo “your verdict” what a putz.

  • Steve Clayton

    One thing I get a kick out of that everyone likes to bury is only whites in North america, Uk and Europe Banned slavery. Africa the middle east and asia Still have it where they enslave people of any colour.. Dubia was completely built by slaves. and most of the expat that lived in luxury over there participated in it. have nannies for their kids they they never paid and held on to their passports so they couldn’t flee..

    And yes I am sure many as they got free the blacks in the old US south bought their families.. I wouldn’t be surprised if some did both.. bought workers and fam.. They had to make money to keep running to keep their fam or they would go broke everything would be seized and they would all be back in chains fast if that happened.. AS for O’s comments.. I have said a similar thing for many years and she may have and ya know how the news twists things to make it as horrible as they can.. I have said that for all the race and religion hate and such that we have in the world. That it will not truly be gone until we have passed three generations without a single person being subjected to it.. Now yes. cnn and faux news could twist that easily into untill all the racists are dead.. No. even I grew up listening to racist crap all the time.. maybe more then most. my brother was adopted and black, so we attracted it.. I’m I racist no.. but all those stupid things are down in the back of my childhood.. Do I believe them. No.. but they are there.. and I will do my best to make sure i die without them ever passing my lips.. But I have heard them all.. sorry. I’m foggy and babbly a lot… I would love a world with no racism. but i see things getting worse not better..

  • peter peters

    If you understood the Arab slave and European and Roman Slave trade one cannot refute that the Blacks or most of them had Hebrew ancestry. All past empires had one conclusive commonality and that is the enslavement of the Hebrews. This included; Egypt, Persia, Assyria, Babylon, Greek, Romans, Ottoman ,British and Spanish Empire and lately the Central.
    Race and Religion are not our Problems its wicked and selfish individuals.

    • katzkiner

      Blacks are NOT Hebrew. If you know who Pete Peters was you know this. Peters was CHRISTIAN IDENTITY preacher who passed in 2011. Peters sermons are still on U Tube and the shortwave @ 5830 & 9475. You are a real funny guy. You should post under the name Elijah Mohammed or Kalib Abdul Mohammad, more your speed comrade.

      • Hughvonne Godric

        i know this man and from my own research i find that what he says is bullshit

        • katzkiner

          The biggest deposit of BS around here is between your ears. Slavery in Africa is more human? You should get out of Fairycons comic books and read the journals of Dr. Livingston. Africa is the most inhumane place on the planet.

  • katzkiner

    Slavery died in the USA 150 years ago. White people killed it. Blacks are free today because Whites handed it to them on a silver platter. They did nothing to earn it.

    • Guinnessmonkey

      White people also defended it, and black people helped kill it. I’d say that the hundreds of thousands of black soldiers in the Union Army did plenty to “earn it” (like anyone has to “earn” the right to not have their wife raped or their children sold away from them). Way to oversimplify, dude. And, like I said earlier, it’s not like slavery was the only thing in the path of black progress. Jim Crow, which was defended by this very organization, did a lot, too.

      Also: Holy shit. Y’all sell Rhodesian flags. You’re not even pretending to not be hardcore racists, are you?

      • katzkiner

        Calling me a racist has about as much impact as me calling a Black Panther racist. Our current crop of race pimps love to revel in the history of slavery. To me this is irrelevant except to the extent it gives thugs a license to beat, rape and kill some poor White kid. A well placed .45 slug revokes any assumed license. Be careful who you pick on, some do not buy into your race pimp BS. Slavery ended 150 years ago, I deal with the here and now. Get a F*****g life retard. We could care less about your Negroe blues.

        • Guinnessmonkey

          Wow, how brave of you to be racist, or to call my pointing out that you’re post was a stupid oversimplification “race pimping” (whatever the hell that means). You’re my HERO.

          And yes, I KNOW you don’t care about black people. It’s one of the things that makes you a disgusting racist, you nitwit.

          • katzkiner

            Did you say something, comrade?

          • Guinnessmonkey

            Right, because everyone less racist than you is a communist. *eyeroll*

      • Gerald Allen

        Then why do blacks support the party of welfare, KKK and Jim Crow laws?
        Remember it was a democrat governor the tried to keep schools segregated. Sounds like they enjoy being held as victims. Get the free government cheese and sit on their butts crying about how unfair it is that because their forefathers might have been slaves, they should never have to work.

        • Guinnessmonkey

          Um, because the parties flipped in the south after the passage of the Civil Rights Act under LBJ, duh. Most blacks vote Democratic for the same reason that Dixiecrats like Strom Thurmond became Republicans. The same reason, I might add, that the CCC (formerly the WCC) now supports far right Republicans instead of far right Democrats. This isn’t rocket science.

          The rest of your post is just mindless racism, so I’m ignoring it. Have fun being crazy.

      • katzkiner

        Holy Shit! We are “wacist”! How could you tell? Blacks are one of the few tribes on earth who think it should be illegal not to like them. You should be so special.

        • Guinnessmonkey

          What are you even talking about? I mean, I know that, being racist, you’re stupid enough to think that everyone with a particular skin color thinks a certain way (as if Al Sharpton and Clarence Thomas are in total agreement on everything, simply based on the fact that both have more melanin than most of those descended from Europeans do), but what’s all that “it should be illegal to not like them” crap? I pointed out that your knowledge of history sucks and that you’re a racist; nobody said anything about how there should be laws to make you like people.

          Be a stupid racist all you want. Most people will, rightly, think that you’re either foolish, stupid, or evil (I have a feeling that they’d be right on all three in your case), but you have the right to think whatever you want, just as we have the right to think that you’re a worthless piece of shit for thinking it.

          • katzkiner

            “Resist must we much.” Tell us how you really feel idiot.

    • stan schmunk

      Except for the 190,000+ USCTs, who Lincoln credited with turning the tide in the war.

      • katzkiner

        Let’s see, blacks built the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, won the War of Independence, defeated the South, defeated the Germans in WW I &11, created the nuclear bomb for us, defeated the Viet Cong, put us on the Moon, yes, we would be nothing without the great black beast who could barely make a fire and did not know what a wheel was when the backward White man sailed his boat into Africa. I read that comic book.

        • stan schmunk

          All I did was state the truth about the Civil War. Can you dispute those facts without launching into a white supremacist rant?

  • Hughvonne Godric

    My problem with this is that his name was Andrew Johnson. Therefore his ancestors must have been brought over here by force and their masters would have changed his last name. Don’t forget that he was the first to own a LEGAL slave. Im sure is possible that there were many illegal slaves as well. And also for the reason why they didn’t go back to Africa was that in the white mans culture it is common to destroy the image that was Africa in their minds thus making it seem like a bad place. Slavery in Africa was far more humane than this. they were treated almost like extended family and were never beat.

    • katzkiner

      And why should we give a damn? See my comment below. Whites in the USA ended slavery 150 years ago. Get a F-g life.

      • Guinnessmonkey

        Yhea, but black civil rights are only a few decades old, thanks to groups like the KKK and the White Citizen’s Councils (oops. I did it again: The Council of Conservative Citizens. Totally not racist now, right?).

    • Ragnar Redbeard’s Ghost

      Maybe he changed his name to try to fit in?

  • Guinnessmonkey

    Not sure why I’m bothering refuting anything by the White Citizens Council (oh, I’m sorry. Council of Conservative Citizens), but the article isn’t even true. Anthony Johnson wasn’t the first slave owner, nor was his slave the first slave. We don’t know for sure who was, but we do have records of John Punch being declared a slave for life even earlier. His slave was simply the first slave who was determined to be a slave for life in a CIVIL court. Numerous slaves before that had been determined slaves for life in criminal courts in Jamestown prior to this.

    But whatever. Don’t let facts get in the way of your racism.

    • katzkiner

      And then there were the slaves Jamestown accepted because the captain of a Dutch ship was going to drop them in the ocean. Soon thereafter the colonists killed them all because they had this propensity to rape and kill when they got bored.
      “We still doin’ the romba baby, ain’t changed a bit”

      • Guinnessmonkey

        WTF? Where do you even get this stuff? What, the Jamestown colony never wanted slaves, they had it forced on them? Then continued to have it forced on them for hundreds of years? Just how stupid can an argument be?

  • Michael Mason

    I don’t care about any of this. I’m here because I want an ethnically pure state for whites.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I never see you over at AmRen[dot]com. We discuss such a topic often.

      I think Scotland may pull it off–and start the much needed chain reaction.

      • Ragnar Redbeard’s Ghost

        Scotland intends to be multicultural.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          And Ted Kennedy, in 1965, said that the American demographic of 85% European wouldn’t change after Hart-Celler. We’ve learned from the Left that words and intentions are two different things. This will be part of the Right getting into the gutter of the Left and using their tactics of flat-out lies.

      • Michael Mason

        Do you live in Scotland? What makes you say that?

        • AndrewInterrupted

          No, the England example, and the Scots obviously wanting to prevent it. The Rotherham affair and the multi-culti hell that is London is why Scotland is trying to split. Rotherham just accelerated the movement. When independence happens, then watch the true agenda roll out. And I couldn’t be happier.

          • Michael Mason

            Would the E.U. and British government allow that to happen? The enemies of our people have too much power in the E.U. My hope is that a white ethnostate will be born out of a full scale race war that could happen in the next century when whites become a minority. That, or perhaps an eastern European country will have a full-scale re-awakening. But in the UK, people aren’t even allowed to own guns and the fact that they’re a richer country means for every true patriot you have a half a dozen pseudo-sophisticated white liberals.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            The vote will be done in less than 10 days from now, and Buckingham Palace has gone silent. It is done. The first European based ethno-state is born. May there be many more. I hope to see dozens of them in the place formerly known as the U.S. The U.K. break-up is just the starter pistol.

          • Guinnessmonkey

            Man are you people stupid. The SNP is left wing, and had several prominent non-whites leading the “yes” campaign. Though thanks for giving me yet another reason to be glad that Scotland voted “no”: It made a bunch of crazy racists sad.

  • CleanFloors

    Regardless, look up a map on modern slavery. Notice Liberia and Sierra Leon? Hm? Nauughty naughty!

  • dauoo

    Ahahahaha!!!!! So, let me get this straight. A black man named “ANTHONY JOHNSON” was the first slave owner in the US? Ahahahahaha!!! It’s amazing you ppl can even get you pants on in the morning.

  • Marilynne Cathy Ousley

    Hugh Gwyn was the first slave owner in 1640, John Punch was the slave. Knock it off with the dumbass revisionist history. Use logic, if the person slave owner was a black man, don’t you think they would have been hitting MLK all up about the face and neck with that little piece of information? Johnson didn’t own a slave until 1654, a full 14 years later. Sigh.

  • ariel

    Bahahahaha. Fantastic

  • Lucid Umbriel

    What is all this talk from “the right” about liberals and “the far left”? I don’t know if you guys realize this yet, but they’re all woven from the same cloth. One may be blue and the other red, but they’re the exact same fabric. It’s all the same ol’ ploy of pitting folks against each other and forcing them to pick sides, like it’s some sort of game. Both sides are brought to you and paid for entirely by the same lobbyists. It’s just an illusion of choice, so that you’ll feel represented, even though it doesn’t really matter who you vote for, if you vote dem or rep. It’s like when rep call themselves “fiscally conservative”, which they’re not, it just sounds good. It’s a marketing scheme, like “best choice” or “always save” or any other trigger-words used to manipulate public opinion ::) C’mon guys, duh.

  • Lucian Brown III

    umm indentured servants were white as well and “owned” by whites….not a good example of what some people in here are excusing themselves for. All your response should be is, yeah that was fucked up…period instead defensive…when you really shouldn’t be.

  • Mansa Keita

    Not true. Slaves were being imported into the Americas since 1519 and the first slaves sold in America were sold in Virginia in 1619

  • Greg Lage

    The First African slave brought to the new world was in 1526, so this is just NOT true!!!

  • Greg Lage

    In 1619 the Dutch traded 20 slaves for supplies in North America, and it is documented. And they were owned by Whites! In 1640 New England shippers got involved in the slave trade. This is just NOT historically accurate!

    • Guinnessmonkey

      It similarly ignores that African slavery in the Americas was hardly invented in Virginia; the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and French had already been doing it for years. There’s a reason why many of the slaves whose names we know in early colonial Virginia have Spanish names (Johnson’s first name, for example, was “Antonio”, which hardly sounds English to me…).

      This thread is based on several levels of bad history, all stacked on top of each other.

  • Mark Kauder

    I have a problem with the “poster” above. A PHOTOGRAPH of a man from 1654????? 1854, yes, but not 1654.

  • Jerry Dorsey

    This is misleading he was the first black man to own slaves not the first slave owner he was already an enslaved servant when he came here like the guy Samuel l Jackson played on django who once was free and given property to hold slaves of course he would own slaves that’s what he was brainwashed and TAUGHT was RIGHT TO DO ..white people find some bullshit to make it like they still weren’t wrong for slavery

  • Jake

    In the midst of this conversation I find myself thinking will I ever get a raise at my job? That grease burns when your dropping fries and it pops u.

  • Koko Sela

    I am not so much concerned about the “pioneering slave owner”, or any subsequent particpants, President George Washington, “wealthy” African-Americans of that time period, who by the way, were called Colored, Negro or worse, as I am deeply troubled by the “pioneering presidents, politicians, and other officials” who signed slavery into law, in the first place, and enforced it, as such, for 245 years.

  • Jeff

    Even black historians will tell you that white people didn’t go into Africa and capture people to sell as slaves. African tribes would have wars and the losers would become slaves to that tribe. Then the victor would sell some of their slaves to the European slave traders. These people were already slaves before the Europeans got to them. They were going to be slaves in Africa or in the Americas. At least before 1655, these people had a chance at a better life in the Americas.

  • redape

    This is not entirely true. There were several events of lifetime bondage beyond terms of indenture (slavery) in Virginia prior to the Johnson case. This was simply the first case challenged and lost. It only occurred because the individual – Casor- had been freed. In the other cases they were never freed.

    So slavery did not “begin” because of a black man. It pre-existed this case and Johnson was only making an argument before a (all-white) Court that was largely agreed upon by custom amongst them.

  • sfcmac

    Funny how facts like this never make it into the dumbed-down liberal history texts.

  • yoboybigtuna

    Sure, Anthony Johnson was the first slave owner, but I wonder why white people thought it was ok for them to do it too?! I also doubt Anthony beat the hell out of his slave and treated him less than dirt, but what do I know, I wasn’t alive back then. And don’t forget about that wonderful malice white people were putting out after slaver, butthurt that they couldn’t own people anymore, lol. Lmao, America is so awesome!

  • Bobby


    When Johnson was released from servitude, he was legally recognized as a “free Negro.” He developed a successful farm. In 1651 he owned 250 acres, and the services of four white and one black indentured servants. In 1653, John Casor, a black indentured servant whose contract Johnson appeared to have bought in the early 1640s, approached Captain Goldsmith, claiming his indenture had expired seven years earlier and that he was being held illegally by Johnson. A neighbor, Robert Parker, intervened and persuaded Johnson to free Casor.

    Parker offered Casor work, and he signed a term of indenture to the planter. Johnson sued Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654 for the return of Casor. The court initially found in favor of Parker, but Johnson appealed. In 1655, the court reversed its ruling.[9] Finding that Anthony Johnson still “owned” John Casor, the court ordered that he be returned with the court dues paid by Robert Parker.[10]

    This was the first instance of a judicial determination in the Thirteen Colonies holding that a person who had committed no crime could be held in servitude for life.[11][12][13][14][15]

    Though Casor was the first person declared a slave in a civil case, there were both black and white indentured servants sentenced to lifetime servitude before him. Many historians describe indentured servant John Punch as the first documented slave, as he was sentenced to life in servitude as punishment for escaping in 1640.[16][17] The Punch case was significant because it established the disparity between his sentence as a negro and that of the two European indentured servants who escaped with him (one described as Dutch and one as a Scotchman). It is the first documented case in Virginia of an African sentenced to lifetime servitude. It is considered one of the first legal cases to make a racial distinction between black and white indentured servants.[18][19]

  • Michelle Yeack Brantley Johnso

    them to find Anthony Johnson’s KIN FOLK:). Anthony Johnson came to
    America has an indentured servant. Many people came here in 1600s as
    indentured servants Black and White in the colonial days. Anthony was a
    black man from Africa. He served his seven years and received his
    freedom and 50 acres. He built that up to 250 acres and had several
    Black indentured servants was the first BLACK SLAVE OWnER. John Casor
    was one of his black indentured servants. when it was time up for Mr
    Casor to be freed and receive his land, Anthony Johnson said NO. He said
    he was extending Mr Casors time. Well Mr Casor left and he went to work
    as a free black man for Mr Robert PArker. Well Anthony Johnson was not
    having that he sued Mr Parker in court in 1654. In 1655 the court ruled
    that Anthony can hold Mr Casor Indefinitely! There you have it. The
    first black slave was owned by Mr Johnson. Not only that , whites could
    not own black slaves ill 15 yrs later. Only free blacks could own black
    slaves. In Fact, there were many Black Slave Owners in the days. 1670
    the court ruled that feee white, black and Indian could own black
    slaves. A few years later, the number of free blacks prompted fears of
    a Negro insurrection. The courts ordered the freed blacks back to
    Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not
    have to go to Africa. By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in
    the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves
    owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone. There you
    have it! Go get your Reparations from Anthony Johnsons kin. This is not
    taught in Black History Month. It Should Be!

  • Tyler Mitchell

    Did you know that there were more Irish men,women,and children sold into slavery than black…almost two to one.They worked right beside the blacks…that story has been “lost” because it doesn’t fit the agenda.The elites no matter what color they are look down on the middle and lower class…once you understand this…then you’ll understand how the world works.

  • James Sunderland

    This I did not know.

  • King Sutan

    This is not true and white propaganda
    John Punch Jamestown(slavetown) Virginia 1640 one of the first slaves buddy stop trying hide your ancestors dirty criminal histories. This black man won a slave in European courts

  • King Sutan

    What source? Or is this all from you a$$?
    By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.

  • HMan570

    The past is the past but the Blackks feel they are owed something, they are owed nothing at all. They choose to be morons, killers, crooks and refuse to learn. Every ethnic people that came to America were discrmianated against, the Blacks just enjoy all the free-bees that the liberals choos to hand to them. German, Polish, Italian, Irish, Sweeds, Japanese, Chineese, Russians, Slovs and all the rest of the people who came before us to build this country to want it is today. Lazy people no matter color all had to learn American ways, lanuge and money. It took time and people that came here live in the same comunity that were of their country till they learned and them moved onto other areas of our country. I get angered at the blacks as they are lazy, and find it eaiser to sell drugs and pimp out woman and make babies that whites have to pay for. We have been funding them for over 200 years now and still they want more and more. If they were not as lazy as they are they could get the same benifits that ever other race has because they worked for everything they have. Never have they used an excuse or take from other for that free ride. We are a country of many and of all kinds unliike Europe I feel for the younger generations that will have to pay for all the mistakes the politicians will leave them to pay for. You can bet the blacks will not be amoung those that help to pay down the debt or stop the free-bee. The Blacks always use the race card to try and bail them out of trouble, I am thinking that people are getting tired of hear that old story over and over. So when you say you are being discrimanated against so what you are not special get over it. This is America and we have been Discrimanating against others since our country was founded.

  • serious woman

    You are so right Rhonda but, they ignore it.

  • Duz2600

    One other comment on slavery, in my research, I have found that some men ‘bought’ their wife into slavery, so she could never be sold away, and their children, also were protected by being recorded by deed as his slaves.
    One source mentioned it to have been a common practice, to prevent enslavement and sale on the market!


    Blacks did not treat indentured servants like chattel! Blacks generally and on a large scale did not rape, hang, beat, or any other heinous and inhumane act against another black. Even with regard to what is referred to as black on black crime, blacks generally target those whom they have an issue with, yea often times just sense violence versus whites who blow up buildings, shoot up schools and theaters involving innocent lives all together.
    And blacks might well “get over it” if we were treated equally and fair, the laws are established to either box us out or block us in.
    To even imply we (decedants of the enslaved-African Americans) should go back to Africa, our stance is we ain’t going nowhere because our ancestors funded the economic wealth and infrastructure of this country with their very lives, enduring the vast atrocities which the heinous institution of slavery incited and enforced upon generations of our ancestors.
    I reiterate our ancestors blood, sweat, tears funded the economic infrastructure of this sinful country.

  • Sarah Schmit

    Why are the Irish slaves forgotten and their history ignored? Why do blacks deny that there were black slave owners.?

  • jamiel trimble

    John Punch was an African slave who lived in the Colony of Virginia during the seventeenth century In July 1640, the Virginia Governor’s Council sentenced him to serve for the remainder of his life as punishment for running away to Maryland; in contrast, two European men who also ran away with him were sentenced to longer indentures but not total loss of future prospects for freedom. For this reason, historians consider John Punch the “first official slave in the English colonies and his case as the “first legal sanctioning of lifelong slavery in the Chesapeake.” Historians also consider this to be one of the first legal distinctions between Europeans and Africans made in the colony, and his case a key milestone in the development of the institution of slavery in the United States. John Punch was owned by Hugh Gwyn in 1940, some 14 years before the Anthony Johnson case in 1954. Look it up !!!

  • Bob Venturino

    Slavery encounters all races!!!

  • Ograf

    What is really insane is that there are millions of blacks who seem to believe any and all Whites are their enemy, and that any and all Whites are in part directly responsible for slavery and treating their people very badly. That , I guess, justifies assaults, murder, and robbery and rape of White people for how their ancestors suffered. Pure Insanity.

  • Lyrian Diaz

    Racist acts and neither a black or white won the stupidity and to top it all wearing army camo clothing that used to be the Army uniform and now is FASHION. VERY CUTE , see what kind of people we are breeding careless and stupid youth and the parents should be ashamed of this punks or as they refer among s themselves gangsters or Gang members . They should learn discipline and their parents too . Keep making a living and leaving monstrous children behind and racist at that whether your Black , White , Chinese , Korean , Thai, African , Mexican , Puertorican , Costarican , Salvadorian , Panamenian , Brazilian , Dominican , French , Russian , Indian , Egyptian , English , Spanial , Cuban , Portuguese , Vietnamese and others . All are included in being Racist one to another . Grow up , Get along and Raise our children with Love . Lets make our United States a place that is peaceful and the place everyone dream of living at because you tried to bring the stupidity from your believes to this here United States NOW we HAVE WAR IN our own land . You guys are pretty you always crap where you live that’s why this is NO longer a Powerful Nation or a Proud Country you Ruined it for your own CHILDREN that my friends is not LOVE . THIS IS ACTS OF HATE .

    If you love your family change our lives one act of kindness at a time .


  • Hershall Bott

    lol… under the blog there is a Confederate flag… Ive seen enough





  • ChocolateCarrot

    1) Slavery in the USA is widely documented as beginning in 1619, so your WHOLE article is disingenuous.

    2) Irish were indentured servants, which is NOT the same as slavery. They CHOSE to come to another country, work for a period of 7 years (typically), with the future prospect and opportunity of making a more prosperous life.

    If they (The Irish) and their children, and their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren ad infinitum, had been trapped in actual slavery their ENTIRE lives, you could comment on how THEY ‘don’t have a chip on their shoulder’.
    The fact that, after their indenture was served, they were allowed to go on to have the same opportunities as all other whites shows how ignorant and unintelligent your statements are.

  • oldbill

    A slave owner could free his own slave any time he wanted by simply writing a letter and having his signing witnessed. The letter basically made a US citizen out of a person who before the signing was property. There were some abuses, such as destruction of the letter, and the courts didn’t want to bother with the cases. But, in most cases, the Freeman would move out of the South. He could then buy the indentured contract of his fellow Black men. Thus Blacks could and did own slaves. This changes the flavor of racism to power over another person. Racism is the result of the loss of that power, or more likely, a desire to have that power.

  • Butch Maxine

    Question? Who owned the 141 slaves in Chesapeake, Virginia
    between the years 1626 – 1650? Seems to predate Anthony Johnson and John
    Casor. I’m not disputing black ownership
    of black people but I like to be as factual and as precise as possible in my personal

  • mananwoman

    Very interesting!!!

  • James Morgan III

    The author of this article needs to renounce the image in it. That is NOT Anthony Johnson, it is Lewis Hayden. Hayden was an abolitionist who actually helped inspire Governor Andrew of Massachussetts to allow for the formation of the famous Massachussetts 54th and 55th United States Colored Troop Divisions…. Please take this image down immediately

    • Jeffrey Hardin

      Yea man, we Southerners sure put an ass whooping on that regiment and their Col. Robert Shaw at Battery Wagner didn’t we, screw Lewis Hayden and Lincolns Yankees, both black and white.
      James Island still giving up their bones today….

  • Marlon Berend

    Most blacks will denied this. …..