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Black police officers organizing gang rapes of white men in South Africa.

Black South African police have arrested many white men of false or frivolous charges, then watched as they are gang raped by black men in a holding cell.

Horror stories are emerging from South Africa about the gang rape of white men in police holding cells. White men are arrested for crimes such as “speeding,” or “witnessing a crime.” They are placed in a holding cell with hardened black crimes. They are brutally gang raped by the black criminals, often with black police officers egging them on. The white victims are then released without being charged with any crime. Several white victims have sued police departments, but nothing has happened yet.

The following piece was written by Gayton McKenzie, a black gang member in South Africa, and published in a research paper at the University of Pretoria. He describes a young, skinny white male who is being held for Marijuana use. Source.

“Wimpie, a white boy who was dabbling with dagga, is put in our cell. I don’t know how old he really is, perhaps 16 or more, but he looks no older than 14, with skinny arms and short, spiky-crowned, brown hair. He tries to fight, and so they hit him. His resistance stops abruptly when one grabs the back of his head and smashes his face into the steel bars …The 20 men take it in turns to rape him. It goes on for more than eight hours, almost the whole night. The boy does everything he can, in his pathetic, limited range of action, to try to deter them, but he is ignored. He screams, he cries, he begs, he tries to bargain, he prays.”

“It is in the morning, though, that I am forced to see what life has coughed up before me. What’s left of Wimpie is lying in a corridor between the bunks, just in front of my bed. He is still naked, shivering in a pool of his own blood where they have discarded him. I will literally have to step over the small body to go and eat my breakfast.”

Here are other excerpts from South African news. Sources.

“An unnamed diabetic man aged 52 from Primrose, Germiston is suing the minister of security for 4.3 million after being illegally arrested twice and being raped in police custody the second time. He was put into a detention cell with 30 black inmates at the Witbank police station. He described how four men carried him around naked in the cell while the rest sang and danced. The man became so emotional, the court had to wait for him to continue with his testimony. The inmates forced him to kneel over a rolled up mattress, then they proceeded to sodomize him until he later lost consciousness. The ‘case’ against him for which he had been arrested in the first place, was withdrawn.

In March 2008 in Polokwane (Pietersburg) a young local man named Nico Bouwer , left with his bride, was sodomised repeatedly while in police custody just a few weeks before he was due to get married. He’s since lost his job due to the emotional trauma, and delivers pizzas to stay alive and keep food on the table for his family. A fundraising effort was launched by Rapport newspaper to help pay his medical bills. Bouwers life is totally in ruins after the attack. Mr Bouwer was on his way home from a friend’s house when his left tyre burst and he hit a light pole and a stoplight. He was taken by ambulance to the Polokwane hospital where he was arrested, and despite being injured in the accident taken to holding cells. He demanded his rights to a phone call but was turned down. In the cell were 25 black inmates. Eight of these black men attacked Bouwer and repeatedly raped him. Some held his arms and forced his face into a pillow while they were sodomising him. He was only allowed to call his lawyer the next day when he was finally released on bail.

In Vryheid, game rancher Etienne van Wyk was being sodomised in a police cell while the inmates were singing, the Pietermaritzburg High Court was told. Van Wyk claimed R1.2m from the Minister of Safety and Security. Van Wyk and Duvenhage were put into the Hlobane police cells after they were arrested for ‘transporting Van Wyk’s game animals without a licence”. The suspects in the cells charged with the rape were all hardened criminals predisposed to violence.The farmer did have a license and was released without charges the next day.

James Brown, a 69 year old with Alzheimers, was arrested for not paying for a candy bar. He was brutally murdered by blacks while in a holding cell at the police station.

The actions are nothing short of war crimes. Many reports include singing and dancing by the perpetrators while they inflict horrible atrocities on white victims. The black police and the black inmates work together to inflict these crimes on whites.

  • HOMEY2

    the future of South Africa is visible in present day Zimbabwe

    • limn

      You can take the negroid out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the negroid.

  • limn

    For everyones sake, let’s hope the Chinese turn them all into slaves once that continent is conquered.

    • Marcel Osborne

      Lets hope you get arrested

      • World_War_Me

        Let’s hope you’re raped by 20 South African goons and wake up with 20 liters of semen in your stomach.

    • Gerardo B Ausmeier

      you bet they will

  • zabo

    One of these tortured White men must pay another and get their vengeance on every police station. Burn them down to the ground And do it all in the name of White rights and the new White justice movement. To hell with those evil simians of filth. Even in the worst of days in S. africa I’ll bet not one White criminal rapped some stupid black man that was dropped in their cell. More likely those black people were raped by there own fellow blacks. Just like there isn’t one case of a elderly black women being raped by a young/old White male. Yet there are too many rapes of elderly White women in America being done by BLACK MEN! Remember White privilege is an EXCUSE for black dysfunction. SEGREGATION NATION!!!!

    • Marcel Osborne

      You are so funny ,with your sore arse

      • World_War_Me

        I really hope you’re next. You won’t be laughing then, you bitch.

        • Jason

          So you advocate rape? You have some issues. May be you should seek professional help

        • Simone Volker-Swarts

          She deleted her comment… What did she say?

  • Enrico Corrado Bosman

    The only joy I get from the anc government is that because they are such a bunch of thieves , eventually there won’t be any money left for ARV’s. Then half these un-people in South Africa will do the world a favour and die of aids. Of course life will be tough financially when the time comes , but it will be worth it to see the IQ67’s die by the millions.

  • theallseeingmaster .

    Saint Nelson Mandela is smiling in his grave.

  • Anonymous

    This is what civil rights gets you.

  • Beverley Langkilde

    So most black males from Africa are Gay and not heterosexual at all then, must be surely?

  • Dane Bowman

    So, yeah, this article is from Mar 2010.

  • damonleff

    Where is the actual evidence for these claims?

  • sjb123

    This is the most sensationalist, unfounded article I have read in a while. Yes, unfortunately rape does occur in prisons across the world, but it is not only white men who are raped, and certainly not only black men who are perpetrators. It seems more likely to me, as a South African, that the only way this misconception might be perpetuated is that more examples exist of privileged white men who are able to take legal action. This is the kind of extremist writing which is only searching for a high load of webpage traffic and ends up inciting violence and thoughtless comments from internet trolls. Most likely written by an expat trying to convice themselves they don’t miss boerewors, biltong and table mountain.