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Members of the Florida West Coast chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens gathered January 16, 10 with other concerned Americans, veterans and grass-root members, filling the down town Inverness area and streets around the Old Court House. From a distance, the event could have been mistaken for another Inverness festival as attendees circled full public parking lots trying to find an empty space. It wasn’t a festival, however, that brought the crowds, it was a tea party rally that had conservative voters out wearing Fair Tax T-shirts and displaying anti-Obama signs.

During the event several Republicans running for office made appearances. Marco Rubio, 38, who is running against Gov. Charley Crist for a spot in the U.S. Senate. There were approximately 4500 (conservatively) attendees. Council members passed out 2 boxes of THE CITIZENS INFORMER newspaper, and 250 Council business cards.